I know this is old now, but I've been trying to think of how it would work in my system.

Summit Wireless Technology Delivers Uncompromised Wireless HD Audio (Audioholics)

I like what it offers, but I don't really know how you'd integrate it with your receiver or pre-pro. I would think you'd want it to be part of that main component as opposed to an add-on. Also, powering your speakers becomes an issue. Not an issue if you're only doing the subwoofers with this technology, but if you're doing your whole system, you'd probably want a monoblock with each speaker. I would love to see Axiom offer their amp as a monoblock, but again, the cost would be an issue. Of course, you could probably have more powerful amps for your mains and use more modest ones for the surrounds, which might make it more realistic.

One part of the write-up on Summit stood out:

The Summit Wireless team informed me that they could integrate this solution into virtually any loudspeaker design and eliminate the need of a passive crossover, thus creating a truly active bi-amplified speaker solution with perfect driver phase and time alignment. Very cool!

Wouldn't that be nice?

If Chris's pre-pro project turns out well, I think Axiom should get him on board to go a step further and include this wireless technology (even if it's not going to 192 kHz), offer monoblock options that I can afford (since this is all about me), and perhaps hire someone to make a nice GUI for it. Of course, a more standard wired version would be an appropriate product sibling, but I like the automatic calibration aspects of this solution. This time alignment/phase adjustment is what I want more than anything. I wouldn't feel I was missing out on full-blown Audyssey, though I'm still curious about Dynamic EQ. Picking and choosing out of what Audyssey does, though, I'd want what this system does, leaving the frequency response alone.

What am I not thinking of? It seems like I had more to say about this.