Is the whole purpose of the customer council to speak on behalf of Axiom customers and/or consumers in general than just in the self-interest of the individuals that sit on the council or a little of both?

We're not here to speak on your behalf -- after all, we were not elected. There are four of us, however, and all of our interests and opinions are not in perfect alignment. If Ken and I aren't particularly interested in Axiom headphones, we're not the right people to push for them. That being said, we do have Axiom's ear in a more direct way than the rest of the board, and you should know that any ideas that rise to the top here will be passed up the chain.

Keep in mind, there is nothing stopping any of you from passionately arguing for your wants. Axiom staffers do read the boards, too.

I can explain it to you but I can't understand it for you.