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One thing that might be nice to see are partnerships with other companies.

I like this idea. What companies are coming to mind for people? Since I'd like to see amp prices come down as well as improve reliability of the sub amps, it might be worth looking into a partnership with an amp manufacturer. Axiom could trade their amp tech (while still receiving royalties) in exchange, perhaps, for manufacturing and expertise from the amp maker. I don't know what amp company could complement them in this way, and then it would take same careful calculation to figure out if it's worth sharing the IP with someone else, but if Axiom could get some comparable IP out of it and potentially reduce costs, it might be worth looking into. Of course, that kind of partnership might be like having a roommate. It's probably really hard to find a good match. Right now, Axiom is what Ian has made it into. It could be tough bringing other people into the equation, redefining what Axiom is.