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Is the whole purpose of the customer council to speak on behalf of Axiom customers and/or consumers in general than just in the self-interest of the individuals that sit on the council or a little of both?

Our “purpose” is to provide Axiom feedback and input regarding their products, potential future products, and all things they do in order for them to improve the customer experience and the company in general. This includes currently owners (and not just those who frequent this forum, as we the few, not the many), potential buyers and those who no longer own Axiom products. Every meeting we’ve had, we discuss what we would PERSONNALY like to see, and we also discuss what we believe YOU ALL, and all those others out there in the real world would like.

While I have opinions and preferences, as does everyone else, I do my best to look at things from all perspectives and present those views. There have been many times when I’ve represented a view point I do not share, but I know that many others do.

As I mentioned earlier in this thread, I am looking for ways to get everyone’s feedback to Axiom in a productive manner. I’ve seen a couple suggestions for doing that (and took note), but not a lot of collaboration on that point.