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If you do not find joy in working with wood, don't bother buying anything. Just have someone else make it for you and you'll be money ahead. If I sold all my 'stuff', I could buy no less than four of darn near everything I've ever made. However, woodworking helps me keep my sanity.

Yeah, I guess I really need to decide if I enjoy woodworking, or just need the finished product. I never really considered whether I enjoyed building things or not - it was more along the lines of "building your own lightsaber" ie if you have and use certain things (like adirondack chairs) you are expected to have made them yourself.

I realize this was probably obvious to everyone but it wasn't obvious to me.

Thanks for all the advice and putting up with the dumb questions. Guess I'll go ahead and build a workbench and then think about whether I enjoyed it or not.

Oh, and Murph - when I make holes in things I always take care to point "down" not "east" ;\)

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