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Hmmm. I already have a miter saw and enough firearms to cover drilling requirements between 1/4" and a couple of inches (stand further back for larger holes).

I never thought of using firearms to make a hole in wood. The tearout's probably a bitch, though.

If you had a table saw, you could easily make a workbench. Also, a workbench isn't very useful if you're not big on hand-planing, sawing, etc. It takes up more footprint than a tablesaw (unless you have a 5' outfeed table like I do) and won't come in very handy if you're assembling a bookcase or a cabinet. A home made assembly/finsihing table (the biggest you can fit with overkill lighting) is preferable.

So, table saw (and you do not need a cabinet saw!), sliding dual compound miter and a router (table expands possibilities greatly) and you're in biz.

Seriously, all bigboy/bogtoy yap here aside, you could actually make a living with those three things. How do you think I got the $$ to get all the stuff I don't need?

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