When Murph was asking a few months ago, I think that the Porter Cable got the most votes, though many good brands were suggested.

I like the PC, because it's available for right or left handed.
I'm a righty, but I like that a lefty saw lets me see the cut line better. It also has one of the largest base plates around, so it doesn't tend to rock. Street $$ is about $135.

Cheap tools can torment you like learning to play on a cheap guitar. They will fight you and the results will be inferior.

Welcome to the bottomless pit of tool desires, Ken!!

Edit: And yes on the Ridgid vacs. Be sure to choose one that accomodates bags. With a bag, the filter never gets clogged, nor does the dust that it doesn't catch blow out the exhaust.
Yes also on Mark's better hoses (the ones with steel coil ribbing). Their only Achilles heels is the power switch, but they're easy to replace (about $8) after removing 26 screws.

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