Thanks Guys,

I have been looking into the lutron maestro IR dimmers. Are these the ones you have? I have a harmony remote I would use them with.

I know sconces are happening for sure, but cant decide on soffit pots or just two overhead lights for cleaning up in the space etc. Pots are cheap and eat up no headroom so that might be an option.

This is the kind of lighting my better half prefers:

I like the idea of having sconces and overheads on seperate dimmers for sure. I would likely put the rope lights on the same dimmer as the sconces. I'd wire it so all neutrals started at the switch box to have flexibility later I guess.

I will likely run cat6 to the a/v rack into a switch and split from there I guess. They are cheap nowadays. I'm planning on a 1 1/4 conduit run to the center of the front wall for feeding speakers behind the screen wall. I'll pull straight to the terminals and bypass wall plates wherever I can. The surrounds may also be piped, havent decided yet. Projector for sure with 1 1/4.