Another weekend of progress. laugh Ready for seam filling. Scheduled for Wednesday for a quote. Hope he likes filling screw holes..... somewhere between 3-4000 used. If its a go I will be ready for primer in a week or so hopefully. Moving right along. I have to start worrying about picking cabinetry and tiles now for the concession area outside of the theater. Booo! Not a fun task when you want to hoard the entire budget for the inside of the room. Here is the inside of the room.

2 Layers of 5/8" on ceiling and one layer on walls. The perimeter of the room between layers on ceiling was caulked along with as many seams as I could before I ran out of the 7 tubes of silicone. I made sure the front half of the room was priority and went from there. We marked out the studs and channel and snapped chalk lines on the ceiling to aid in hitting the right spots and avoiding the studs. Where did the fancy speaker boxes go?! wink

Here is the outside of room where the cabinetry will live soon. I have to decide on building them from scratch or buying something that is able to hold a rack or sturdy shelving for the AV cabinet side of things.

Here is a pic of the plan. Following pretty closely still. I have decided to locate the beer fridge in the lower part of the AV cabinet side and just leave 36" or so of cupboard for all the gear. I have an AVR, 2 power amps and some networking hardware to jam into it. Should be OK. Looking into the "cooler guys" product line to aid in the cooling of the cupboard while the doors remain closed. This gear cupboard will not be accessible to theater users when I'm not around. It will simply be the hidden technical side of how the theater will operate. Thank goodness for the easy harmony macros. laugh

I am thinking of extending across from the top of the AV cabinet to the right to meet up with the ductwork bulkhead with some sort of embellished molding. I figure I can add a valence light in there to aid in dim lighting while guests are over for grabbing snacks or running to the restroom. Plus, it will add that wow appeal that makes it seem more elaborate than it really is.