I am using the Harmony One with mine without issues.

Note, I would control the rope light differently. Separate switch/dimmer...

Here is why:
When you want the cool effect of the rope light, but super dim, you are still going to have light directly above your screen (even with a soffit, etc). This can either wash out the image or mess with the contrast a lot as you eyes now have another light emitting into your eyes. Dark scenes in movies will either be washed out a little or in contrast to the rope light (even on dim) lose dark detail.

An extra dimmer is cheap in the scheme of things, and really the rope light is best left off anyway for during a movie.

My color changing LED rope light doesn't even go over the screen (it goes down the side soffits and across the back) and I never leave it on for during a movie.

Farewell - June 4, 2020