Had to youtube it to get the reference. I knew him as Inspector Gadget.

Cone of silence looks like huge glass boobs. grin

Picked up material to make the french double doors. Will put backer boxes in tomorrow and get to ripping all the MDF pieces down. Handling a 3/4" sheet on my own on and off the truck was no picnic. The glass is soggy too.

Its basically going to be more of a hinged wall with a window than a door. Will frame the doors like a staggered stud wall with ripped 3/4" plywood. Then make a rough opening for the assembled window casement to go in. Then sandwich it all together with a sheet of 3/4" MDF on either side. The glass, 2 panes of 1/4" laminated, will be seperated by 2". Inside the window gap will be vents around the frame open to an area of insulation. This will be faced with dark brown fabric and hidden. Once insulated the estimated weight will be 150lbs per door. Total cost so far is 400$. Not too bad.


Dont worry, there'll be pics. wink

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