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Oooh look! I gots new probe. Now, where should I put it?

You were waiting for a reply and were not patient enough to hear the potential responses in due time.
Oh so many possibilities here Fred...

yeah, I couldn't wait any longer to play with my probe.

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This is not unexpected Fred and i believe your assessment is fairly accurate. In any 'feedback' system in which i've designed tests over the years, this is how they work.
Parameter falls to certain threshold and feedback system reacts by pumping resources in to bring the parameter back above the threshold.
How quickly and accurately it does this is certainly the key.

You are right of course. I'm just surprised by how much the thermometer temperature varies from the internal temp. I would have thought that it would run much closer, but maybe probe isolation must be a difficult design challenge to overcome.

Nice to know though that your system is more accurate than you thought. A 50F swing in temps is alot depending on how long this situation exists. Knowing that the swing is even less is a real plus.
Definitely a bit of a drawback with a pellet fed system i suppose.

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