Today (actually yesterday, I just haven't gone to bed yet), I managed to spend a solid 7 hours or so working in the basement. Most of the time was in the home theater running wire. I know, how can it take that long. I needed to do some figuring and calculating of where the side surrounds were going to go, and that mean planning out the wall sconces and can lights in the soffits. Not that I put those up, but mapping them out took a little time. I also worked on the equipment rack to try to get the whole section in the wall isolated from the rest of the wall so that it was more sound proof in the end since I had these huge holes in the back of the 4-gang adjustable boxes that the wires and cabling were going to terminate at. That way I have a little extra wire tucked into that cavity in case I need it.

Tomorrow (or today, if you are keeping track), I plan to start building my backer boxes for the can lights. I really want to have those done by the end of the day.

Then I will start putting in the adjustable boxes and wiring for the wall sconces (now that I know where they are going) and the electrical outlets. I will save putting the putty pads on the back for another day probably.

Once that is done, I am down to a very short list of items. I am sure that they will take some time yet, but it is getting closer since the rest of the basement is ready for drywall and the home theater is all that needs to be finished.

I will try to put up a couple of photos soon.
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