More pictures.
From the other day, I did a test fit of the port tube. Fits great...
Ignore the pooling glue. It did that over the course of a couple of hours. I decided (after this picture) to scrape most of it out before it really got hard. Not that it mattered much.

Next I test fit the woofer and the amp. The amp needed to be recessed a little more, so I did that last night. (it is flush now, but not in this picture)

Here is the water/glue mixture that I brushed on everything but the seams where the full strength glue was going. Put in on thick, let it start to dry, and then brushed it smooth. Here is it wet on the last side panel that was yet to be attached. Did this last night.

Tonight I did two things. I attached the final side panel, and I put a groove along each seam. Over time the seams will start to separate due to moisture, drying, or whatever. Seems like a major problem for a lot of people, and a "pro" had this trick that he came up with over the course of 6 months of testing and experimenting. Use your router to put a groove along each seam, then fill the groove with Bondo. It should never come apart or show a crack. I have a router... I have Bondo, so why not.

I did these in reverse order of what I typed and the pictures show. First up are the last things. The final glue, nail, clamp pictures.

And lastly, which actually happened before the clamping, here is the "groove" picture.

Tomorrow I obviously have to do the grooves for the final side panel since the glue is currently wet and it is clamped in place. Then I will put the Bondo on the seams. I will also do some very light hole filling tomorrow. With any luck I will be sanding on Thursday and getting ready for the first primer coat where I will be able to more easily see what needs to be filled/sanded still.

I would love to be putting on paint this weekend, but with the dry times, sanding, priming, and repeating process, it might be next week, but it is getting there.

In my rush to get glue/nail/clamping done tonight, I missed a step that would have been a LOT easier before the last panel went on. I didn't silicone caulk my seams. I was going to do everything but where the final panel went, but forgot. Oh well, the caulk gun will fit fine though the woofer hole and I can get a little messy with it on the other side of the center brace by applying it with my fingers. I was going to probably have to do that to some degree anyway. Once the acoustical foam panels go on the inside, you will never see the seams even with the woofer or amp removed anyway.

Stay tuned.
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