So 5+ months since the last update, but I spent some time this past week working on my fiber optic star ceiling. I needed to paint the frame around it from black to ceiling-matching color (took coats).

Then last night I was cutting a hole in my home theater ceiling and adding two outlets to the wiring that was already run there.

Tonight, I hooked up the other end to a wall switch tonight, and then measured and mounted the 4'x8' star ceiling panel.

Yay! My project list still has building a second subwoofer to match my SVS. If it would ever stop raining and warm up that would help so that I can work in the driveway/garage. I also need to get wall acoustical panels put together. I have all of the "parts" for the sub minus the MDF, so that will be next.

Of course, I am traveling 4 of the next 7 weeks, so it will be a while to get this done probably.

It's come a long way since this photo:

Now I could call it the Starlight Theatre again...
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