One movie where you see a big improvement is in Avatar (extended) at about the 0:06:30 mark where you see the spaceship approaching Pandora. The detail of the spaceship just looks so much better. If you have the Darbee just turn it on and off as you watch the scene. Also if you happen to have the Bluray of Timescapes from Tom Lowe (look it up, it is mind boggling) the night skies (and everything else actually) look so much crisper. Basically, you need a good high quality source to get the best effect.

I can't say that I have watched a grainy movie since I installed it a few weeks back, I'll remember to take notice next time I watch one.

I have a calibration disk ripped so I may take a look at that but at the end of the day, I am sold on it and won't be removing it.
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