OK. Here are some pictures from the last 36 hours (trying to give glue/nails/clamps time before moving on to next pieces).

First up was getting two of the sides together. I used the woofer end piece and the port end piece to hold things square.

Then I put on another side. Love the glue drips. (not really)

I put on both ends, here showing the port end in place.

And then earlier this evening, I put in the center brace piece as shown here.

I've learned that on the outside it is better to wait for the glue to dry before scraping it off as it comes off nice and clean.

I am going to add a sealer to the inside yet tonight since it has been about 6 hours since the last piece was glued in and hope that it dries up nice by tomorrow when I can continue to work on it.

Oh, and no... My wife does NOT like that I am building this on the dining room table. I just don't want the MDF exposed to all of the humidity in the garage (it is getting bad out there).
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