Assuming that I keep my pre-order of the JVC projector that I want (and not jump to something else), I have until early December to have the room functional minus the screen since I will want to experiment. After Drywall, I get to install all of the outlets, switches, doors, and some other fixtures like ceiling fan in the bedroom, built in wall heater in the bathroom, etc. I also get to tile the bathroom so that the plumber can set the toilet and vanity. I will probably tile just inside the sliding door maybe 2 rows of 12"x12" tile.

Then I will go back to the theater to work up my stage and riser. Once those are done, we will send in the carpet people to get something nice and soft put in. I will then have to put in shelves and closet organizers in the bedroom closet, bathroom closet, and our "game" closet for our German board games.

Then back to the home theater for equipment rack build and movie storage area and build the false front wall with screen.

Oh, and I need to paint the whole basement, put in the home theater lights, put up crown molding for the rope lights, attach my fiber optic star ceiling, and probably a dozen other things. The last whole basement thing will be the base board trim unless I decide to do that before carpet. The very last thing will be the construction of the wet bar. It is more for holding the popcorn machine and cold drinks, so it will be a back burner project for a while.

Lots to do, but the big hurdles, in my opinion, are the pre-drywall ones.
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