Picked up some crown molding and get it a good first coat of paint last night. I think one more coat will do it, but then I need to get it installed which isn't something that I've done before. I know how to do the cuts correctly, and attaching the bottom is easy, but since it won't go up against the ceiling (it will be down do that the rope lighting can sit inside it, I need to create some small spacer that holds it securely at the top and yet allows for the rope light to be unobstructed.

Oh, and I picked up a Darbee Darblet too. Put it in-line with my system and while I won't post a full review, my results are mixed. I am not seeing the massive improvement to total picture quality that some others are, but definately an improvement in detail. Might be because my JVC does so well with blacks and has a great contrast ratio already. Other people report not only increased clarity, but also a "veil of gray" being "lifted" from the image. I don't see much gray "veil" or "film", so not much to "lift" I guess.
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