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Boltron, I am still playing around with the Darbee. I think that I am going to buck the general consesnus for *most* people and try using Gaming mode instead of HD. It is amazing the clarity of the image though, so maybe I was just OVER-expecting greatness. I will say this, when watching something for about 2 minutes with the Darbee turned on, when you turn it off, you swear that someone messed with the focus or something. Crazy to think that without the Darbee, the "amazing" image I had before was that "fuzzy". LOL

I agree, we need to things into perspective, it does definitely improve sharpness but some people go completely overboard with their comments though.

To me however, the improvement in sharpness with well worth the cost. I have spent an enormous amount of time and effort (and quite a bit of money) to get the best possible playback quality. This just makes it a bit better and every bit counts.
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