Bigwill, wow, a lot gets read into simple phrases. I simply referred to happened to European colonial powers. They ended up reciprocating with their colonies by giving the residents of the colonies rights to settle in the home countries.
The French have been dealing with fairly large scale social and economic issues stemming from these circumstances. Consequently France has had a lot of experience with terrorism.,8599,176139,00.html

Totalitarian Communism: Totalitarianism and Communism Though they have been combined in particularly nasty ways in most of the examples we have seen. I think it is worth understanding the nature of political and economic systems both separately and together. So I refer to both together when they were both part of the sickness of a society.

In California by democratic action, we have common ownership (communism) of the beaches up to the mean high tide line. In Oregon, Texas and Hawaii beaches are public to the first line of vegetation. Have you ever tried to walk on the beach where "capitalists" have control, with barricades down into the water every few yards? Things are rarely entirely black or white in my experience so I like to make finer distinctions.

Are you a dialectic reactinary? dialectics