OK....I gotta throw a large wrench into this dialog. During one of the debates, Cheney made a reference to FactCheck.org (he actually said .com, but it's .org). I made a mental note to myself to go check out that site, but only now have done so.

This site has done one thing very well for me....it has clarfied how full of $hit BOTH candidates are. Everything we have been arguing about (both sides) is based upon mistruths, distortions, & half-truths. This site is not partisan, because it rips apart assertions from both sides. You can spend hours at the site and walk away completely swimming in the head.

I recommend that EVERYONE that has been following this election and this thread take some time to read throught the unending articles debunking assertions made by both sides. As a group, I think that we are much more aware of the issues that the average Joe "sheep" that we talk about. However, after reading this, I realize that we are all still subject to the same types of deceptions.....that we are all guilty of taking the word of politicians, which is a dangerous thing. You'd think that we would have learned better by now.

PS: Please do not respond for us to look at Snopes as Kerry suggested. That site may have some fact analysis, but it's a pathetic hack of a site that bombards w/ popups, which holds no serious credibility. Factcheck, on the other hand, is professionally done and is definitely non-partisan, as they beat up on both sides equally.