i just saw a deal on CNN a few days ago, where they are gonna try and pass new laws to toughen up the bankruptcy process. i guess someone finally figured it was just getting too easy to sign a piece of paper, and be free from debts. i have always thought it was a sham. i am sure it was intended to be used in good faith, and as a last resort.. but, it is clear that the system has been taken advantage of in the past decade or so.

in casual conversation over tha past few months.. i have discovered several people i know, about my same age, that have already filed bankruptcy..... i couldnt believe it. and they ALL acted like it was just no big deal.. got to keep their cars, credit cards wiped clean. now, they cant get any credit for the next 7 years.. but after that, its like a new start. so, somewhere in their mid to late 30's, they get to do it all over again. where is the fairness in that for the rest of us who actually PAY our bills.??