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a lot of broad based assumptions

i made ONE assumption, not a lot.. and the ONE i made was that you, as a man of wealth(which we know is true..and thats not a dig, its the truth), would think similar to how dubya would think, and less to how i would think. thats it. if that offends you that much, or if it bothers you that much, my apologies. i aint trying to offend or make nobody feel bad here man..

where did this go wrong..? this all went bad in translation. reading words on a page, is way different than actually sitting and talking with a guy. i am sure you and i could drink a beer and have a fine time together, and never miss a beat. i can tell you with 100% confidence, that i never had any malicious or harmful intent in anything i said to you. now, about dubya, i could care less.. but, its would be rather stupid of me to sit here and criticise or chastise a respected member of this forum like yourself. come on man, its not even in my character to do that. this was all a simple error in translation.

i would really be displeased if you truly thought i was trying to attack you. i aint even that kinda guy. but, i still dont like dubya.. and if i ever had a chance to met him, i am the kinda guy that would tell him that to his face..