If you are in the 4 quartile, you are "the rich" that your party villifies. At bare minimum, you are the top end of the beloved middle class. If you are indeed in this segment, you carry your share of the vast majority of the taxes of this nation. You are a primary contibutor to this disgusting menace of a government. If you are indeed a part of this segment, your party is only really concerned with latching onto the utter that the government has strapped you with. As a member of this group of society, your only hope for reducing your tax burden is the party that seeks to reduce overall taxes....and I hate to tell you that it is not your party. Your boy may share yours and my views about social issues such as gay marriage, but he sure as hell doesn't share our desire to keep more money in our own pockets...money to be used for our own retirement, our children's educations, and our own general use. Then again, he doesn't have to worry about those thing with his cash cow laying next to him.