I just listened to a replay of the debate on the radio-it still doesn't seem apparent that Edward's bringing up Cheney's family was a very big deal. My impression of the debate after listening is that Cheney really came across much differently than he is portrayed. His low-key presentation didn't come across sounding cynical and condescending and he's certainly capable of doing that. Edwards had more to gain with undecided voters in this debate IMO, just because he is a relative unknown. He certainly didn't come across as scared on the radio.

I certainly agree that Kerry's voting record is pathetic-tax and spend. Don't forget-if he's elected he will have to deal with the House and Senate. Checks and balances will come into play. Listening to local radio and reading local papers the past few days leads me to believe that Bush (at this point in time) is in a little trouble. No good news from Iraq and more damning news about WMDs (or the lack thereof) is not reflecting well on Bush's rush to war in Iraq. Rumsfeld and Bremer's remarks lately have got to be causing George W. some major pain. If Kerry's able to run a smart campaign, attacking when appropriate, doing well in the next debate, etc. this election is going to be closer than I ever dreamt. Neither one of these candidates will have me rushing to the polls on November 2 anxious to vote for someone that I'm excited about.
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