"Bush has been spending more and more and increasing the deficit. From what I heard from Edwards, he and Kerry want to reduce spending and only increase taxes for those that make over $200,000 and reduce taxes for middle income families, as well as cut the deficit in half. Doesn't sound very spend hoggish to me, but quite the opposite. Unless you just throw them under the "They're democrats so they must want to spend more" category."

Kerry and Edwards have some pretty lavish spending ideas - from the extravagant health care promises to doubling the contributions toward the int'l AIDS epidemic to increasing spending in Iraq (training Iraqi troops outside of Iraq?!) and many more I can't remember. Rolling back the tax cuts for the top rich guys ain't enough to pay for all they propose.
The best way to increase gov't revenues is to grow the economy. Best way to do that is cut taxes and regulations. Everybody knows that, right?