I thought both candidates did very well. Kerry is undeniably eloquent. Bush managed not to tie his tongue into a half-hitch.

I particularly like how Kerry said the war was not a mistake, but rather we were mistaken to rush into war without our traditional allies and new friends like Russia. Does anyone think that France and Russia would have gone to war with us? Does anyone think Germany would have backed us up in Iraq had we waited? France and Germany dominate EU and essentially set its foreign policy. We would never have received assistance from the EU or NATO. France and Germany were bent on delaying us until summer when our troops would have sauteed on ships and had their morale massaged by statements from Chirac, Schroeder and Saddam Hussein. France and Russia were on the UN 'Oil for Palaces and French and Russion Weapons' gravy train. France and Russia would never have supported US incursion and would NEVER have joined us.

Kerry intimates that we should have put together an alliance of Arab states as we had in Gulf War I, but of course, that would be impossible, Saudi Arabia would not even let our planes use the bases we built there, because of pressure from their fundamentalist base, base in Arabic is Al Qaeda. The Arab League won't even acknowledge the Arab genocide of black Christians and Muslims in Darfur, does Kerry seriously think the Arab League would have backed us? What Kerry is doing is taking credit for a pro war position, a strong national security position, and criticizing Bush for not meeting impossible conditions before going to war. Kerry agrees with the war but has imposed contingencies which would have made war impossible. That's talking out of both sides of his mouth, and I think that's one of the qualities which make folk a bit leary of Kerry.

Now, Bush can't put two words together in an orderly fashion, that's clear, but we don't expect a lot of palaver from a cowboy who sees the world in black and white. Now here's a situation which I think is best analysed in terms of 'black and white.' Kerry is lost in the nuances, paralyzed by nuances. In a time of peace I'm sure I would have voted for him. I don't believe he is war time presidential material. I think there are many democrats who will vote for Bush in 2004.

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