Spiff, I was agreeing with your assertion that liberal politicians ought to say, "Yes, I am a liberal," rather than try to say that a 20 year liberal voting record doesn't make one a liberal. It seems Kerry has suddenly chosen to not be liberal, to be tough on defense and security issues, and to completely (well almost) support the war in Iraq. Like choosing to suddenly not be gay, huh?

Edwards' reference to Cheney's daughter could have been construed as innocent, but Kerry's reference to the sexual orientation of an opponent's child confirmed that these were politically motivated. The first comment didn't generate the reaction they wanted so Kerry hit it again on national TV in a Presidential debate!

The Kerry campaign stood ready with their lines about how the Cheneys' must feel shame over their daughter's "sexual preference" to take such an innocent comment out of context. Please. Edwards' wife doesn't even know how to refer to the gay community in politically correct terms. Her use of the term "sexual preferences" implies CHOICE; Kerry's position is that sexual ORIENTATION is not a choice. The GLBT community specifically prefers use of the term "orientation".

Ms. Edwards needs to learn her correct terminology in order to toe the party line. I'm afraid she just offended us all again.

pmbuko, I no longer click your links. What did it say?

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