Of course, Adam, you are absolutely right. I can feel the patriotism exuding from every word you, Kerry and Michael Moore use when criticizing the President.

You can twist the First Amendment to support anti-American activities as you see fit, but I'll call a spade a spade. Kerry has undermined the war effort for his own political gain by coming up with this insanely stupid position that the war is a mistake - but he's in favor of it - and that is just plain wrong. The vast media conspiracy between its liberal members and the intellectual elites to hoodwink the people in order to secure this election for their chosen candidate is un-American and un-democratic.

I don't mind someone exercising their rights and conscience, but there is a requirement that you be CORRECT or history will judge you very badly (as will the rest of us today). How can you all be so certain that you are correct in opposing this war? Your crystal ball must be working better than mine. I see two great successes in Afghanistan and Iraq. I kid you not, I teared up at the sight of Afghanis walking many miles to vote. America did that.

Those who voted against Lincoln in 1864 were wrong. McClellan was wrong. The hateful media was wrong. Luckily, the people who were right won the day in 1864; the slaves were freed, the nation preserved, and Lincoln's legacy as one of the greatest leaders in US history secured.

For one to oppose the efforts of our countrymen as they are in harms way, one must absolutely be right about the war being a mistake. If you're not right... what would you call it?