Show me where I said that I agree with everything Kerry and/or Michael Moore have to say, BigWill. I don't think you'll be able to find it.

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How can you all be so certain that you are correct in opposing this war?

And how can you be so certain that you are correct in supporting this war? For the record, I think all of us supported going into Afghanistan, so that point is moot. Where I see the great blunder is in Iraq. It's almost enough to make one cry when their are daily car bombings, killings and kidnappings. Large parts of the country are simply not under our control at all. Many of them in Shiite areas, the parts of the country that were supposed to be welcoming us with open arms after we liberated them. Parts of Baghdad aren't even safe. Hell, even the Green Zone, our supposed safe haven over there, isn't safe. There have been reports from entrenched reporters that say that the educated Iraqis, including those who opposed Saddam, estimate that if free elections were to be held today and Saddam was on the ticket, Saddam would win. They would rather choose relative security under a dictator than our brand of freedom. That's enough to make one cry. And the biggest reason for that, I'd wager, is that Iraq has become a breeding ground for terrorism, not a safe haven from it.

And I know you're set on the Civil War/War on Terrorism analogy now, but I really don't find it to be that appropriate.