See the debris? How many folks or parts among them?

You want to entertain that the 9/11 attacks were media fabrications, a CIA plot, the work of the Jews, never happened, that there is no terrorist threat, that the terrorists did not attack us, that there is no war being waged by Islamo-Fascists against the West, that they didn't take the heads of Nick Berg, Daniel Pearl, Jim Bigley, etc. etc. etc., Islamo-Fascists are not committing genocide in Darfur, they are not killing Sikhs, Hindus, Ba'hais, Buddhists, they're not really blowing busses, murdering hundreds of school kids at a time, blowing up pizza parlors, naming streets after murderers ... right, PMB, let's discuss how what's happening isn't happening, I mean, after all, the Guardian says what is - isn't, good enough for you is it?
Enjoy the Music. Trust your ears. Laugh at Folks Who Claim to Know it All.