2x6- i think pulling out those pics and posting them is the 'classic' scare tactic that all republicans are clinging to right now. every single interview, news clip, or article i see on george w, he is ranting on and on about war, world terror, and immenent(sp) danger. i even saw cheney go so far as to say that if kerry is elected, a nuclear attack on american soil is inevitable.. ? WHAT?? how could he possibly know that.. its plain and simple scare tactics.

george, dick, donald, rush, you, and the rest of the war loving republicans, try to keep the edge by making people fear a 'what if' scenario. every day is a 'what if' scenario, regardless of who is the president. and i think the republican party is desperate, and just like you showing the 9/11 pics, they are promoting fear in america, and then using it to their advantage. its really kinda sad..