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you're both hopelessly wrong

i know you are, but what am i?

politics aint fun. it is obvious that we just have core differences in how we think. what us right to you, is wrong to me, and vice versa.. it dont make either of us right or wrong, just different. regardless, i bet we could still sit down to some good music, drink a cold beer, and have a great time. you seem to get too rapped up in this bigwill.

i'm cool with ya man.. but it just makes no sense to call a man "hopelessly wrong", when your ideals and beliefs are a 180 degree opposite of the man you chastise. its like an apple, criticising a lemon for not being sweet enough.. thats just the way the lemon is. and if the lemon said the apple wasnt sour enough, would it make him right? nope. they are just two completely different fruits.

apples and lemons? next lesson is on the birds and the bees. dont miss it!!!