clinton doesnt suck, he inhales...

i dont imply, or even begin to act like i am some sort of 'know it all' when it comes to politics, and the inner workings of the govt. im not. but, i would consider myself an 'expert' on the type of guy that dubya is. i am surrounded by them, i grew up around them, and my friends fathers are like them. that whole cocky, know it all, never wrong, financially strong, bully everyone around attitude that he exudes makes me sick. the guy has had a silver spoon in his mouth his whole life, and stumbled from deal to deal with smiles, handshakes and promises. people throwing money and accolades at him because of who he was, who he knows, or what he could do for them. his idea of a 'best friend', is the last guy that padded his wallet.

i have no doubt that you are/were a successful business man at whatever it is that you do. which would lead me to belive that you are more like dubya, than you are like me.. which, in all honesty, is probably why we have very opposite opinions. while i respect your right to have your opinion, there is no doubt it is different from mine. but i respectively ask, that you respect my right for MY opinion before you go questioning my intelligence.