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You then said I was "more like Dubya than you are like me" and "which is why we have very opposite opinions." You were very clearly attempting to state that I must also have all those detriments you apply to our president

i been busy this weekend, no time to respond.

no craig, i was not "clearly attemping to state" anything... like i said, this is a translation problem. you are reading it differently than i am meaning it.. i wasnt trying to make any other degrading comparisons, like you think i am. i aint the type of guy to try and attack people, and i would hope that my history on this board would prove that.

i feel as though i have touched some kinda 'nerve' with you, by your statements about this not being the first time you have been accused to have "daddys money". honestly, since i didnt or wasnt trying to say this about you, i dont feel i need to respond.. but..... i think your interpretation of this whole conversation might be influenced by how quick your defenses came up about that subject. so, as far as i am concerned, its a done deal.. i will be more than happy to take responsibilty for whatever part i have played..

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But ... If it is now your position that you meant nothing in the way of an attack on me, ok

you say this like i have changed my mind at some point? i was NEVER attacking you.. there is no ned to be defensive about this. as far as i am concerned, its over...

BTW- i paid $2.13 for regular unleaded yesterday.