peter- my family is on the same sheet of music as you and ajax. we have very few credit cards, just enough to do what we need with them. and we always request for our limit to be left the same, everytime they offer to raise them.. that way, when we ever do apply for loans, they cant count the top limit as total debt accured. plus, we pay off our balance every month, so we get no roll over finances charges. we do fall behind a bit around the holidays, but always get caught back up by feb or march.

aside from our normal regular bills(water, cable, phone, etc), the only reoccuring bill we have is the mortgage, her truck payment, and her student loans. thats it. i usually save up and pay cash for all large items, and i live by the motto, "if i dont have cash for it, i dont need it!!" . of course, you have to bend that rule a little when getting a home or car.